Eco-friendly hotel amenities are the latest trend in the reduce-reuse-recycle movement. The green movement has been in full swing now for over two decades and continues to evolve. The trend re-identifies itself in new ways including consumer refill stations throughout hotels. There is pressure on hotel brands and the supply chain to bring these wishes to fruition for its guests.

Aquamentities, an eco-friendly and sophisticated dispenser fixture company, has created soap and shampoo dispensers where sustainability meets elegance. 

Remarkably, Aquamentites offers a zero waste solution that has, within a few short months, saved the environment from over 11 million amenity bottles and 49,000 gallons of partially used product – making sustainability a reality in the hotel industry. They have been found to be a solution to 4 and 5-star hotels around the world.

Is the Eco-Friendly Hotel Amenities Trend an Opportunity or a Threat?

Eco-friendly amenities is an opportunity. Hotels have been responding to the green movement for years by tracking and intentionally reducing their carbon footprints.

They are directly responding to the call for social responsibility by implementing recyclable, reusable products guests are seeking out. They are also seeking financial goals. “Hotels are looking to save money in two ways. First, by reducing the overall amount of product they need to buy. Second, by using larger bottles, they are able to pay less per unit of volume. 

From a corporate perspective, embracing the trend drives two things: social responsibility and financial performance. It’s vital to spend a lot of time staying on top of the goals and mission, especially the sustainability trends. Then, commit a large portion of time to stay up-to-date on the current and future projections of the industry.

How Maverick Packaging Can Help You Win with Eco-Friendly Hotel Amenities

Nowadays, developing your package strategy requires a long-term initiative that is aligned with the hotels’ sustainability plan. Maverick is leading the next generation of eco-friendly packaging and filling solutions.

The design of your package is the first impression and hook you have to sell the potential buyer on your formula. Be strategic and focused on the design of your package, and highlight the benefits of the formula. Maverick, understands the strategy across all departments in order to achieve efficiency goals for shopibility.

Over 20 years of experience in solving technical challenges, especially with unique caps and closures. Our team is able to provide technical expertise early in your design process.

Purchasing and operations professionals are able to forecast savings and supply chain efficiencies with our help. Our team is able to provide estimates for the higher volume filling applications, program implementation timing, and inventory management.

Maverick has the capability to quickly configure lines to support shifting capacity demands and new product startups with lower costs. Additionally, our Small Run Quantities allow for Flexible manufacturing to economically run lower quantities than are practical on high-speed lines. Saving both time and money.